How to create a proposal that wins jobs?

Isha Hasan

June 15, 2022

proposal that wins jobs Freelancing

Proposal writing is one of the other strategies to win clients. Proposal writing is a skill itself and keeps practicing can improve your technique of writing proposals. A few common elements of good proposals are:

  • Greetings and introduction: It should be quick and straightforward.
  • Clear Statement: Tell clients that you can start right now and can solve their problems.
  • Why you? Tell clients why you are a good fit for the project.
  • Portfolio: Add you’re relevant portfolio.

Here are some more techniques and strategies you need to keep in mind while writing proposals:


Most freelancers did mistakes like they write proposals all in capital letters because they think clients will pay more attention to all-caps, but believe me, it’s not! Neat and well-formatted proposals are more attractive to clients.

Short proposals

Try to minimize your words and provide all details in summarized form. Sometimes clients don’t like lengthy proposals. This usually depends on job type, sometimes clients want to hire for a full-time position and they want freelancers to provide details about themselves, in this case, you can write long proposals about yourself but only write meaningful and job-related information.

Portfolio Management

Don’t attach your portfolio as an image or document, try to provide live links to clients, and in short, make it easy for clients. Sometimes clients don’t check your portfolio if your file is heavy or take time in downloading. The best thing is if you want to share documents you can use Google docs or Google sheets or if you want to show images to your client you can use free tools to host your images like

Provide Necessary Information

Mostly freelancers write more about themselves instead of projects. The best thing is just to add your years of experience and your skills in 2 lines and then start talking about client projects and after that show your portfolio. Keep your proposal summarized and full of pieces of information.

Learn about the client first

Learn about project scope and client requirements first, then write a proposal. Your proposal must be about your clients, their problems, and the ways that you can solve them.

Focus on the job description

Most freelancers did not pay attention to job details, and try to submit their proposals ASAP. I know there is a lot of competition but still, you need to pay attention to the job description and then write a proposal according to the job. Your proposal should reflect that you have read the job description properly.

Copy-paste proposals don’t work

Most freelancers create templates and use the same template every time, but you need to change it according to the job description.

Give suggestions and add questions

Giving suggestions regarding a job shows the seriousness of a freelancer, if the client likes your suggestion your hiring chances can be increased. And if you ask questions, it will show that you have paid proper attention to the job description.

Job Winning proposal Template

As I mentioned above, we shouldn’t use the same template for every job post, but for beginners, I am adding my proposal template, I update it according to the job post but this pattern is short and full of pieces of informations.

Hey! My name is [Your Name], and I have 4+ years of experience as a [Your Title]. I have read your job post and looks like I am a perfect fit for the position because [add your skills here as well as the reason why the client choose you].

You can look into my portfolios:
[Porfolio link 1]
[Porfolio link 2]
[Porfolio link 3]
[Porfolio link 4]
[Porfolio link 5]

[answer your client's questions here]

[If the client asks you to mention your charges on the cover letter you can mention here]

If you are interested to hire me please let me know your availability, I will make sure to make myself available to discuss this in detail.

Thank you!

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